In these unprecedented times across the globe, joy is a distant feeling for many. But even more unimaginable than what we may be enduring is the plight of overcoming homelessness during a health and economic crisis. Our youth remain on campus throughout the day to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. We are asking you to please make a gift of love this summer to help bring joy to the youth at Covenant House Texas!

For the Youth:

  • Donation of Bibles and/or Journals/Pens
  • Laptops or iPad
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies
  • Gift Cards
  • Anonymous notes of encouragement i.e an encouraging Bible verse, inspirational quotes, blessings/well-wishes/prayer notes, drawings, etc.

For the Shelter:

  • Supplies for COVID-19 sent via mail, including PPE equipment, sanitizing supplies, Lysol wipes/aerosol spray, alcohol prep-pads, gloves, masks (N95, store-bought, or homemade), etc.
  • A donation of a meal for 75 delivered from a restaurant. Must be prearranged with Courtney Khorrami, CHT Volunteer Coordinator. Grub-Hub, Door-Dash & Uber-Eats can be utilized as third-party food-delivery options, or meals can be ordered/delivered directly via the restaurant.

All items can be found on our CHT Wish Lists and will be shipped directly to Covenant House Texas.
In an effort to align with CDC guidelines, all onsite volunteer projects are postponed until otherwise directed. Any in-kind or tangible donations must be brand new and mailed to us at this time. Items should be mailed (unwrapped) to:

Covenant House Texas
Attn: Courtney Khorrami/Christmas in July
1111 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

Other Ways To Help

Pledge your Birthday and Help Us Fundraise
Click here to learn more!

Pledge to Pray for Covenant House Texas
Make a commitment to add CHT to your prayer list! We always appreciate and ask for prayer over our residents, staff, donors, volunteers, and community partners – during the pandemic & beyond!

For questions regarding monetary gifts or fundraising opportunities, contact:
Felicia Broussard, Chief Development Officer

For questions regarding in-kind gifts and donation drives, contact:
Courtney Khorrami, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Share joy today with a donation that provides emergency shelter, food, care and guidance to homeless youth. Gifts at any level are appreciated and will impact many young lives, particularly at this time.

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