Covenant House Texas is supporting youth 24/7

Covenant House Texas is home 24/7, providing youth a safe place to sleep and hope for a brighter future. 24/7 has always been our response to every young person who has faced homelessness and turned to us for help. While the pandemic has forced schools, businesses, and countless social institutions across the globe to close, it compels Covenant House Texas, with greater urgency and determination, to remain open.

Covenant House Texas was founded for emergencies—those experienced every day by young people facing homelessness.  In over 35 years of service, our doors have never closed to them, and they will not close now due to the pandemic. We are adapting to crisis 24/7, putting emergency protocols in place while continuing to respond to the everyday needs and goals of our young people. We are putting into place the measures COVID-19 requires: extra beds for isolation, more food, more medicine, and more care. It is straining our resources to do so, but we are committed to keeping our doors open to young people who turn to us for help. They can’t stay at home because of COVID-19 if they don’t have a home. Covenant House Texas is that home, 24/7.

We need your continued support to help Houston’s most vulnerable population – 18 to 24 youth experiencing homelessness. Please consider a gift of support to Covenant House Texas at this critical time, so we can continue our mission of providing life-saving, life-changing

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