Volunteer Spotlight: Nikki Dixon

There are many opportunities for the community to get involved with Covenant House Texas. Volunteer Nikki Dixon recently organized a fashion show that featured youth as the models.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started volunteering for Covenant House.

I’m a Houston native and I have lived here all my life. I received my Bachelor’s from Lamar University in Sociology. Currently, I am a full-time yoga instructor here in Houston. I’ve always wanted to work with youth in need in some way and be involved with shelters. I first heard about Covenant House through a Vice News documentary, Shelter. I was captivated by the place. I started volunteering by reaching out to offer yoga to the residents and staff. However, there was a need for a Life Skills Facilitator and I couldn’t turn it down.

What motivated you to organize the fashion show?

I saw a lack of confidence and drive in some of the youth. Many of the young women there liked my style and asked me to teach them how to dress. That led to me wanting do create something fashion oriented that would scream even your wildest dreams are possible, if you just commit and believe in yourself. I honestly didn’t know a fashion was possible or an option until I pitched the idea.

Describe the fashion show for those who may not have attended.

The Charity Fashion Show was designed to create awareness about Covenant House Texas and the youth supported by them. I wanted to highligh the youth by transforming them into runway models. They received modeling training and confidence coaching by real models and modeling coaches. Make-up artists were brought in to do hair and make-up as well. Clothing brands such as Agenda Houston in the Galleria, Universal Sankofa, and City Republik donated clothes for the fashion show. The best part about the fashion show the models were able to keep the clothing they wore for the show. We had food donated by HEB.

Why is supporting CHT important to you?

I understand the importance of places like CHT, as well as the need to support them. I grew up in an environment where many people from ages 16 and up are expected to support themselves without any help. It is important to have a positive role model, a listening ear, to show you something different, someone to encourage you and push you. Covenant House Texas does all of those things.

What would you want others to know about giving to Covenant House Texas?

It’s place where you can definitely get back on your feet.  Everyone I have met there truly cares about the residents. They are open to ideas that will help the youth progress postively.

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