HIP Charity Ride for Covenant House

The Houston Improvement Project is helping us renovate our Intake Building. They plan to make this space less office space and more a teen hangout. HIP is hosting a Charity Ride at SoulCycle River Oaks on Saturday, April 7. Book a bike and spin with them as they raise money for Covenant House! You’ll sweat and have fun as you work towards their project goal!  You can purchase tickets and learn more here.

HIP project plan includes:

  • Interior windows/ doors and pony wall knockout for better room flow and visibility
  • Move intake desk area to increase size of welcome area
  • Add lockers near bathrooms for personal belongings and luggage
  • Move administrate storage
  • Flooring Replacement
  • Paint rooms to match
  • Move and increase size of lounge area
  • Upgrade old and worn furniture, lighting, window blinds to create a home environment

CHT Intake building

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