Youth Spotlight: Kyren

Imagine having to travel two to three hours a day just to graduate from high school. For Covenant House Texas resident, Kyren, that was his reality. He lived in four different states, attended three different high schools, and sadly found himself living in several different shelters or homeless with nowhere to turn.

“I also endured a lot of hardship and adversities like sleeping in cars, sleeping on streets…but at every moment, I continue to persevere and stay resilient,” said Kyren. Quick with a smile and a kind word, it’s hard to believe that energetic, upbeat Kyren once lived the stressful life of a teen without a home. In his own words, the now 20-year-old admits his journey to Covenant House Texas wasn’t an easy one, but since arriving in April, he says it’s been a “blessing”.

Kyren lives on campus and is part of the two-year Rights of Passage Program that teaches young people life skills, such how to budget and manage their money, and prepares them for independence. Kyren has a steady job and saves $200 every paycheck with the goal of one day moving into his own apartment.

But it isn’t just shelter or financial services Kyren is grateful for. Being at Covenant House Texas has also given him a chance to heal from past trauma. “It allows me to connect with therapists and other mental health resources.” he notes.

In his free time, Kyren is president of the Youth Advisory Council at Covenant House and is a member of the Street Outreach Team, which you can find traveling the streets of Houston every day providing food, water and hygiene products to all those currently experiencing homelessness. He credits these extra-curricular activities with helping to advance his leadership skills, independence and discipline.

It may have been a rough road that led Kyren to Covenant House Texas, but he hasn’t let those experiences dampen hopes and dreams for the future. In fact, he plans to keep the same streets where he was once lived safer for future generations. “In my future, I will be obtaining my master’s degree in criminology so I can become a detective and continue to inspire the world.” said Kyren.

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