Housing Programs

Youth Engagement Center

Our drop-in center welcomes youth ages 18-24 offering day services and facilities, which includes meals, laundry, clothing, showers, and recreational activities. They also have access to our clinic. It also is the first step into our residential programs and no youth is turned away.

Safe Haven

Care in our youth center begins with a one on one connection with a case manager to assess needs and develop an individualized plan. Young men and women have assured a safe space, warm meals, free healthcare, and supportive services. This includes parenting programs that welcome young adults and their children up to age 5. Thank you to the City of Houston and Community Development Department for its generous support in part of our Crisis Shelter, our programs and the youth we serve.

Rights of Passage

The Rights of Passage (ROP) is a transitional housing program which allows young people to refine their independent living skills up to two years.  They learn to budget, manage money and have a true understanding of the expenses and experiences of living in an apartment. With the assistance of ROP staff, they learn life skills and focus on steady employment. All ROP participants work, attend school or a vocational training program. Youth are also encouraged to save a portion of their income for their first apartment.